YAXT: YAXT Version available

Added by Thomas Jahns 4 months ago

This release fixes two very minor issues that might manifest on macOS during the build stage.

No functionality is added/removed/changed to/from/in the library.

YAXT: YAXT Version 0.9.3 available

Added by Thomas Jahns 6 months ago

This version fixes a performance issue in index sorting where insertion sort was chosen for far too large subarrays.
The legacy Unitrans interface was removed from this version.
Also various fixes in the build system improve the distclean target and builds on macOS.

ScalES-PPM: PPM Version available

Added by Thomas Jahns 6 months ago

This release fixes a problem with multi-threaded initialization.
Also, some tests received work-arounds for compiler regressions.
Otherwise all changes are related to the build system and only really matter if make distcheck or reproducible make distclean is important for you.

YAXT: YAXT Version available

Added by Thomas Jahns about 1 year ago

This minor release only differs from 0.9.2 in a work-around added to the test-suite for nvfortran 21.x. For other compilers there is no difference at all to 0.9.2.

YAXT: YAXT Version 0.9.2 available

Added by Thomas Jahns about 1 year ago

The 0.9.2 release includes the following new features:
  • The neighbor alltoall exchanger is now expected to fully work on MPI's where MPI 3.x features are available, test it by setting environment variable XT_CONFIG_DEFAULT_EXCHANGE_METHOD to neigh_alltoall
It also contains new work-arounds for the following compilers:
  • gcc/gfortran 10 and 11, especially when using -flto
  • Intel Fortran 19.1 Update 2
  • PGI/NVHPC compilers 20 and 21

Also a work-around for bugs in mpich 3.4.x releases is included, but the recommended fix is to apply the patches in source:config/checkpatch

Apart from that the release contains multiple measures to save memory and MPI resources.

ScalES-PPM: PPM Version 1.0.7 available

Added by Thomas Jahns over 1 year ago

This release mostly improves the separation of Fortran and C parts of the API but also adds a number of minor bug fixes and work-arounds for newer compilers no longer detected by the libtool macros in 1.0.6.

The only real API change is the inclusion of 64bit integer random number generation.

YAXT: YAXT Version 0.9.1 available

Added by Thomas Jahns over 1 year ago

This release
  • reduces libtool compatibility headaches with the new nvfortran compiler,
  • fixes a small memory leak when more than 8 redists are used to form a collection,
  • fixes an incorrect computation of position extents when an xmap is constructed manually,
  • hides internal library symbols,
  • fixes the passing of zero size arrays in the Fortran interface,
  • add minor improvements to the cfortran.h header.

Also see commit log at commit:f2eb603483f3b8041.

ScalES-PPM: PPM version 1.0.6 available

Added by Thomas Jahns over 2 years ago

This release mostly adds fixes for the build system to support a broader range of systems especially Cray XC30 and XC40 and newer gfortran releases in a better, cleaner fashion.

Also this release makes a first step to support 64bit array indexing by adding 64bit integer range objects to the C and Fortran interfaces.

A number of features have seen significant improvements in support of the underlying libraries:
  • The digest functions now work seamlessly with newer (1.1.0+) OpenSSL versions that removed some functions from the public API.
  • More recent versions 4 and 5 of ParMetis and Metis respectively are now also supported by adopting work from Matthew Krupcale (with significant changes to ensure correctness in various environments), see also #347 and commit:575b8e08ca
  • The MPI compiler wrappers like mpicc and mpifort now take precedence such that the intended setup will be used automatically much more often.
  • Handling of the possibilities how compilers and/or libraries setup up the FTZ and DAZ flags on Intel x86_64 CPUs is now much more robust.

YAXT: YAXT Version 0.9.0 available

Added by Thomas Jahns over 2 years ago

This release bring the following new features:
  • configurable message pumping mechanism, programmers can select a so-called exchanger for new redist constructors with an additional argument or users/administrators by setting the XT_CONFIG_DEFAULT_EXCHANGE_METHOD environment variable
  • by setting FC=no at configure time, it is possible to perform a C-language only build

The release also includes various minor improvements to the code, the build and test infrastructure, and reliability of build configuration.

Also see commit log at commit:4334d020c206da33.


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