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getrusage Manager 06/12/2009
libaec Developer 05/21/2013
Quick Enqueue Manager 06/01/2011
ScalES-PPM Manager 08/31/2009
ScalES-public Manager 12/01/2011
YAXT Manager 03/19/2012



10:15 AM ScalES-PPM Task #259 (Closed): Decide on first public version number
Version numbers have been assigned. Thomas Jahns
10:14 AM ScalES-PPM Bug #261 (Closed): Check wether make dist-check works
Thomas Jahns
10:12 AM ScalES-PPM Bug #261: Check wether make dist-check works
Since source:scripts/release/make-distcheck is part of the distribution since commit:a2fe42c9f4ef65d09248c76d279d8085... Thomas Jahns
10:11 AM ScalES-PPM Task #262 (Closed): Deposit a .tar.gz on web-site
Thomas Jahns
10:10 AM ScalES-PPM Task #235 (Closed): Rename modules according to new prefix.
Thomas Jahns
10:09 AM ScalES-PPM Bug #343 (Closed): ACX_FORTRAN_RUN_CHECK_SIZEOF in acx_fc_real_size.m4 does not check size of its argument
Thomas Jahns
10:07 AM ScalES-PPM Feature #344 (Closed): Add support for OpenSSL 1.1.0 crypto
Thomas Jahns


12:19 PM YAXT Feature #311 (Closed): stripify xt_xmap_dist_dir_new
Thomas Jahns


02:55 PM ScalES-PPM Feature #347: Add support for METIS v4-5 and ParMETIS v3-4
I did find some time to investigate the underlying problem some more and hopefully the latest release will improve su... Thomas Jahns
02:54 PM ScalES-PPM Bug #349 (Resolved): Missing MPI include file for non-MPI builds
Thomas Jahns

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