YAXT Version 0.10.0 available

Performance improvements for OpenMP and GPU setups
Added by Thomas Jahns over 1 year ago

This release, apart from a few minor fixes, delivers
  • an exchanger that performs packing/unpacking via an OpenACC kernel, activated by environment setting XT_CONFIG_DEFAULT_EXCHANGE_METHOD=irecv_isend_ddt_packed, and
  • multi-threaded MPI messaging for several exchangers (activated e.g. by setting environment variable XT_CONFIG_DEFAULT_MULTI_THREAD_MODE=XT_MT_OPENMP.
Among the minor fixes are
  • some improvements to configure caching,
  • more robust interpositioning of defective MPI installs (but we also provide for or link to the patch to build a fixed MPI!),
  • account for gcc 8.4 fixing a long-standing 8.x problem,
  • add support for gcc builds with options -fprofile-arcs -ftest-coverage,
  • use hidden symbols also with nvidia compiler to speed up dynamic linking,
  • update work-arounds for gcc 12,
  • restructure xt_request classes to improve future composability, and
  • adds an interface for byte displacements to stripe MPI datatype generation.