ScalES-PPM: PPM version 1.0.5 available

Added by Thomas Jahns over 6 years ago

This is mostly a bug-fix release but also includes
  • the option to change the RMA synchronization method of distributed multi-arrays,
  • fixes to enable builds with g95,
  • Kahan summation is right out-of-the-box on more systems (i.e. one less source of twiddling compiler flags).

YAXT: YAXT Version 0.5.1 available

Added by Thomas Jahns over 7 years ago

The following improvements have been added to YAXT:
  • Improved g95 support.
  • A memory free bug when concatenating empty redists.
  • A minor bug fix for stripe overlap computation when stripe starts are far apart and stride is large.
  • New constructor xt_redist_repeat_asym_new allows for different displacements in source and destination arrays.
  • Various minor fixes to tests.

YAXT: YAXT Version 0.5.0 available

Added by Thomas Jahns over 7 years ago

The following improvements have been made to YAXT:
  • The C part is now available as a separate library so that the differences in linking between Fortran and C can properly be accounted for.
  • As a consequence of the above, friendlier generic interfaces are available for Fortran and mpif.h is no longer needed for building YAXT.
  • Intercommunicators are supported for constructing Xmaps (destination indices can only be satisified from sources in the remote group) for both, xt_xmap_all2all_new and xt_xmap_dist_dir_new.
  • Correctness and performance have been improved for index stripe lists (xt_idxstripes_new) and the distributed-directory based Xmap construction.
  • Various internal and test-suite improvements.

ScalES-PPM: PPM version 1.0.4 available

Added by Thomas Jahns over 7 years ago

A new version of PPM which
  • much expands C support of functionality previously only available in Fortran
  • adds the distributed multi-array data structure especially to the C part
  • full configure-time support for libtool
  • minor fixes for various platforms and added support for BlueGene/Q

YAXT: YAXT Version 0.4.5 available

Added by Thomas Jahns almost 8 years ago

In summary the changes are:

  • Better support for BlueGene/Q and cross-compilation.
  • Copy constructors for xmaps and redists.
  • Support for overlapping redist repeat constituents.
  • Stricter declaration of some API functions (added const).
  • 2 edge cases in stripe overlap got fixed.
  • The tests got improved in numerous little places.
  • Internal memory allocations have slightly less overhead.

YAXT: YAXT Version 0.4.2 available

Added by Thomas Jahns over 8 years ago

This release contains a fix to prevent unnecessary duplication of MPI communicators.
Also, another example is added. It shows how to use yaxt for halo exchange of unstructured grid models.

YAXT: YAXT Version 0.4.1 available

Added by Thomas Jahns over 8 years ago

This release contains minor fixes plus a switch to run configure tests with libtool so that users are no longer bothered with details of rpath and library dependencies.

YAXT: YAXT Version 0.4.0 available

Added by Thomas Jahns almost 9 years ago

This release adds
  • a minor optimization to prevent unneeded duplication MPI communicators,
  • convenience functions to reduce user input at configure time
  • further documentation on how to build on Cray XC systems
  • various bug-fixes for compiler/MPI fail

The API is unchanged and this version, while a major step in regard to reliability, should be a drop-in replacement for everyone using 0.3.0 at this time.


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