From 02/17/2013 to 03/18/2013


11:06 AM Bug #313 (Closed): bug: xmap construction allows multiple writes to the same destination memory location
duplication of #318 Moritz Hanke
11:05 AM Bug #318 (Closed): Eliminate multi-source indices
this is now fixed Moritz Hanke


04:26 PM Bug #318 (Closed): Eliminate multi-source indices
In case one index has multiple providers, it is currently also written multiple times to each destination. This needs... redmine administrator
04:25 PM Feature #317 (New): support for in-place redistributions
Redistributions should also work when input and output arrays are the same object. This needs the following improveme... Thomas Jahns


05:47 PM Task #316 (Closed): check if base redist class makes sense
if there is enough common functionality within the current redist variations then we should derive them from a base c... Joerg Behrens
05:14 PM Feature #315 (Closed): new constructor xt_redist_repeat
new constructor for simple static repetition of the same redist
(much simpler version of xt_redist_collection_static...
Joerg Behrens

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