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02:34 PM YAXT Feature #337 (New): check possibility of usage of mpi_type_create_hvector in xt_redist_collection_static_new
If the sequence of redists given in the constructor always uses the same redist then we should reduce the created dat... Joerg Behrens


06:40 PM YAXT Feature #334 (Closed): better bug message if xmap constructor fails
The follwing error message is not helpful:... Joerg Behrens


02:42 PM YAXT Task #332 (Closed): allow empty messages in exchange routines
redists should be able to pass emtpy messages (struct Xt_redist_msg; with datatype = MPI_DATATYPE_NULL and rank = -1)... Joerg Behrens


03:32 PM YAXT Feature #321 (New): runtime switch for the generation of MPI datatypes
There are now two ways to generate dataypes (src/xt_mpi.c)
(a) fast, but without exploiting potential for a compac...
Joerg Behrens


11:36 AM YAXT Feature #315: new constructor xt_redist_repeat
We need more information from the caller in order to build a new redist:
byte-extent that scales the given displac...
Joerg Behrens


05:47 PM YAXT Task #316 (Closed): check if base redist class makes sense
if there is enough common functionality within the current redist variations then we should derive them from a base c... Joerg Behrens
05:14 PM YAXT Feature #315 (Closed): new constructor xt_redist_repeat
new constructor for simple static repetition of the same redist
(much simpler version of xt_redist_collection_static...
Joerg Behrens


11:12 AM YAXT Bug #313 (Closed): bug: xmap construction allows multiple writes to the same destination memory location
If multiple source processes have the same index that is required by a target then all of these source processes may ... Joerg Behrens


04:24 PM YAXT Feature #311 (Closed): stripify xt_xmap_dist_dir_new
Following the idea of using bounding boxes for xmap constructions we could consider to implement a stripe-set form of... Joerg Behrens
04:15 PM YAXT Feature #310 (New): new xmap constructor: xt_xmap_dist_dir_dim_new
The implementation should use the routine xt_idxlist_get_bounding_box (see issue #309) in order to efficiently presel... Joerg Behrens

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