Thomas Jahns's activity

From 01/29/2023 to 02/27/2023


04:49 PM YAXT YAXT Version 0.10.0 available
This release, apart from a few minor fixes, delivers
* an exchanger that performs packing/unpacking via an OpenACC k...
Thomas Jahns


06:15 PM ScalES-PPM makef90depends-
Stand-alone dependency tracker from PPM, version tar.gz archive Thomas Jahns
06:14 PM ScalES-PPM PPM Version available
This minor update fixes minor flaws in the build system and one test case.
API and implementation remains the same c...
Thomas Jahns
06:11 PM ScalES-PPM ppm-
PPM, tar.xz archive Thomas Jahns
06:11 PM ScalES-PPM ppm-
PPM, tar.gz archive Thomas Jahns

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