From 09/27/2012 to 10/26/2012


06:14 PM Feature #308 (Closed): C Header installation
The intention is to have only one header for users which in turn includes a set of headers placed in src/xt. This hea... Thomas Jahns
06:10 PM Bug #302 (Closed): Naming
Solved by Moritz Hanke. Thomas Jahns


05:16 PM Feature #303 (Closed): improve make check under AIX
solved by Thomas.
Joerg Behrens
05:13 PM Feature #307 (New): idxsection_get_index_stripes_const
Implement const version of idxsection_get_index_stripes (like get_indices_const). Joerg Behrens
05:11 PM Feature #306 (New): garbage collector
Since we have an idxlist-internal cache that we might not need at some point, we might consider implementing a garbag... Joerg Behrens


02:11 PM Feature #305 (New): fundamental vector type
It might be useful to have a fundamental vector type
struct vec_DATA_TYPE { int n; int cap; DATA_TYPE *p;};
in ...
Joerg Behrens
02:07 PM Feature #304 (New): basic warning/error management
basic warning/error management => summary at finalize? Joerg Behrens

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