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  • getrusage

    Prints resources usage at exit of program given on command line.

  • libaec

    Adaptive Entropy Coding library

  • Quick Enqueue

    Produce job file quickly and launch job via IBM LoadLeveler queuing system. The intention of this tool is to

    • provide an almost interactive look and feel, i.e. job output and exit code are presented as if the program ran locally (but input is not forwarded at this time),...
  • ScalES-PPM

    Convenience library to provide parallelization and performance oriented modules to parallel software packages, particularly for earth system models.

    Functionality includes:

    • parallel Linear Algebra Solver
    • partitioning routines
    • convenient interfaces to commonly used data-structures and APIs...
  • ScalES-public

    Public information assembled in/for the ScalES project.


    High-resolution climate change simulations with the global Earth System Model MPI-ESM

  • YAXT

    Successor to Unitrans

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