From 07/15/2020 to 08/13/2020


08:32 PM Bug #350 (Resolved): pkg-config file libraries results in overlinking
The @scales-ppm{,-core} pkg-config files specifies several libraries in the @Libs:@ portion which are actually... Matthew Krupcale
06:37 PM Bug #349 (Resolved): Missing MPI include file for non-MPI builds
The include file is generated only for MPI builds. This causes a problem when configuring with @--d... Matthew Krupcale
06:32 PM Bug #348 (Closed): Incorrect with-regard-for-quality test
When configuring using the option @--without-regard-for-quality@ or @--with-regard-for-quality=no@, the _action-if-gi... Matthew Krupcale


10:35 AM Feature #322 (Closed): Add general MPI datatype-based access to distributed multi-array
This has become non-issue with the replacement of type-specific Fortran code by a type-agnostic C implementation in c... Thomas Jahns
09:55 AM Bug #342 (Resolved): autoreconf fails due to missing file m4/ac_fc_module_output_flag.m4
The test remains for 2.70 because the version distributed with ppm also knows about -mdir which is not tested in 2.69. Thomas Jahns
09:48 AM Bug #343 (Resolved): ACX_FORTRAN_RUN_CHECK_SIZEOF in acx_fc_real_size.m4 does not check size of its argument
The following commits address this issue:
* commit:d66a744e01a4b simplifies the shell expression so it works effecti...
Thomas Jahns
09:26 AM Feature #344 (Resolved): Add support for OpenSSL 1.1.0 crypto
This issue was addressed in commit:17317332d1485a4, part of release 1.0.6. Thomas Jahns
09:21 AM Bug #345 (Resolved): No rule to make target 'dist_array.f90' when building HTML documentation
This should be addressed now that dist_array.f90 is part of the source tree and only regenerated in maintainer-mode. ... Thomas Jahns


08:10 PM Bug #346 (Feedback): Failure to apply doxygen CSS patch when building HTML documentation
Resolved in commit:bf60175c0f0 part of release 1.0.6. Hopefully, similar errors will not come up in the future since ... Thomas Jahns
08:07 PM Feature #347 (Feedback): Add support for METIS v4-5 and ParMETIS v3-4
Resolved in commit:575b8e08ca part of release 1.0.6. Thomas Jahns
08:06 PM PPM version 1.0.6 available
This release mostly adds fixes for the build system to support a broader range of systems especially Cray XC30 and XC... Thomas Jahns
06:47 PM makef90depends-1.0.6.tar.gz
Fortran 90 dependency generator from PPM 1.0.6, standalone distribution Thomas Jahns
06:44 PM ppm-1.0.6.tar.xz
PPM 1.0.6 distribution, .tar.xz format Thomas Jahns
06:43 PM ppm-1.0.6.tar.gz
PPM 1.0.6 distribution, .tar.gz format Thomas Jahns

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