From 12/04/2011 to 01/02/2012


05:02 PM Bug #297 (Assigned): Fix i4 assumptions in multiple routines
In the Fortran 90 part of the library, to always suit default kind INTEGER arguments, many generics only have specifi... Thomas Jahns
02:20 PM Feature #296 (Assigned): Multi-threaded repartitioning routine
The multi-process variants of the repartition-by-swapping routines are a blue-print of how to construct comparable mu... Thomas Jahns
02:17 PM Task #295 (New): Apply optimizations to repartitioning routines
The repartition-by-swapping routines can benefit from the following improvements:
* repartition in parallel by pai...
Thomas Jahns
02:11 PM Feature #294 (New): Add OpenMP multithreaded index construction routine
Index construction can take huge amounts of time where the mask is large and not layed out in unit-step. Thomas Jahns

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