From 08/21/2011 to 09/19/2011


05:48 PM Bug #286 (New): Fix test for FPU precision correction code
Currently the test wether FPU precision correction is always invoked even if, because of SSE or otherwise correct han... Thomas Jahns
02:54 PM Feature #285 (Closed): Support Datatype passing between Fortran and C
A test for representing void * in Fortran needs to be added. Thomas Jahns
02:53 PM Bug #284 (Closed): Fix MPI_Comm_f2c test
The test does not account for MPI_Comm_f2c implemented as macro, i.e. mpi.h is not included. Thomas Jahns
01:16 PM Documentation #283 (New): Account for preprocessor directives
doxygen is currently unaware of preprocessor defines in Fortran code. configure should substitute this in the doxygen... Thomas Jahns
01:14 PM Documentation #282 (New): Add introductory page to unit-documentation
The introductory page generated by doxygen is currently empty. It should contain or link to some of the documentation... Thomas Jahns

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