From 05/03/2011 to 06/01/2011


07:11 PM Feature #268 (Resolved): Let user choose the job-name
Fixed in commit:5073adb Thomas Jahns
06:25 PM Feature #268 (Closed): Let user choose the job-name
Currently the job name is derived from the first argument. It should be adjustable via optional arguments to distingu... Thomas Jahns
06:35 PM Feature #270 (Closed): Improve site-configuration.
Some aspects of per-site-configuration should be improved by providing optional switches to configure:
* The metho...
Thomas Jahns
06:29 PM Feature #269 (Assigned): Handle llsubmit error/status output.
Currently error and status are not handled.
# Error output should be presented to the user with some harmless comm...
Thomas Jahns
06:23 PM Feature #267 (Assigned): Adjust query frequency.
The program does currently only query output appended to the log files once per second. This should be adjusted to th... Thomas Jahns

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