Matthew Krupcale's activity

From 07/15/2020 to 08/13/2020


08:32 PM ScalES-PPM Bug #350 (Resolved): pkg-config file libraries results in overlinking
The @scales-ppm{,-core} pkg-config files specifies several libraries in the @Libs:@ portion which are actually... Matthew Krupcale
06:37 PM ScalES-PPM Bug #349 (Resolved): Missing MPI include file for non-MPI builds
The include file is generated only for MPI builds. This causes a problem when configuring with @--d... Matthew Krupcale
06:32 PM ScalES-PPM Bug #348 (Closed): Incorrect with-regard-for-quality test
When configuring using the option @--without-regard-for-quality@ or @--with-regard-for-quality=no@, the _action-if-gi... Matthew Krupcale

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